Actually, Mama Lucia was the great, great grandmother of the current operator. Once there, one of the family members explained to us each step of the tequila harvesting, preparation and distillation process and answered our questions. Then came the good stuff – yes, that’s right the tequila tasting. Mama Lucia’s offered the traditional white, reposado (golden color – aged in oak barrels for a few months) and anejo (aged in oak barrels for a minimum of one year) as well as flavored tequilas (mandarin, almond and chocolate). We sampled the white, reposado and all three flavored tequilas. All were very good. Spencer Family

Hi. My husband and I took the tequila tour last November. We stopped by 3 factories and one wood-carving shop. It was great fun. The Mama Lucia tequila was by far the best–we bought a bottle of the mandarin orange and wish we’d bought more. T.D.

Wonderful tour and glad we did it. Dave Mc Master, Hong Kong,

Excelent tour! Everyone was so nice!! Alisha Vozella , Orlando Florida